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‘B’ Listing

Balancing Dynamic and Static NATA accredited – In house or On site 100g to 28 tonnes, to 3.8 m diam., to 12m long Martin Allen 9455 9371
Ball Grinding Welding up and regrinding of balls from ball valves up to 400 mm Glyn Young 9455 9354
Ball Mills On site or off site overhaul of ball mills Filko Bavcevic 9455 9307
Ball Valves Supply, overhaul, testing and manufacture of spares Agent for Flowserve UK (Defence products) David Johnston 9455 9309
Bar Hollow bar of castable alloys. Centricast to size requirements Paul Wearne 9455 9375
Bearings Manufacture of cast Bronze bearings, cast and machined up to 3.8m diameter and 28 tonnes in weight Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Beaters Dynamic balancing and repair of all beaters Martin Allen 9455 9371
Billets Cast billets of castable alloys Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Blower Rotors Rotors for blowers or other fans. Manufacture, repair or balancing Martin Allen 9455 9371
Blowers Reconditioning and Dynamic Balancing of all types of blowers Martin Allen 9455 9371
Boat Propellers Selection, design and manufacture of boat propellers. High speed applications are a specialty. Balancing and repitching or marine propellers. Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Boat Repairs Repair and manufacture of propellers, shafts, couplings and all underwater brackets Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Boiler Feed Pumps Overhaul, repair, component manufacture (including non ferrous impellers) dynamic balancing and testing of all types of boiler feed pumps. Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Boring Horizontal Horizontal Machining up to 3.7m in length and 1.5m Diameter up to 25 tonnes in weight Glyn Young 9455 9354
Bow thrust Propellers Selection, design and manufacture of boat propellers. Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Brackets Marine shaft brackets or structural engineering brackets Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Brake Drums Dynamic Balancing of all brake drums both industrial and automotive Martin Allen 9455 9371
Brazing Induction Induction brazing for adhesion of metel or non metal materials Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Bronze Bronze castings up to 15 tonnes including machining. Bushes and bearings Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Burner Tubes Cast hollow buner tubes to customer alloy specifications. Paul Wearne 9455 9375
Busbars Fabrication of aluminium substation fittings. Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Bushes Bronze bushes and bearings cast and machined up to 15 tonnes Rohan Cann 9455 9367