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‘M’ Listing

Mechanical testing NATA mechanical analysis of ferrous and non ferrous metals Rohan Cann 9455 9367
MIG Welding For Aluminium, Stainless steel and steels Filko Bavcevic 9455 9307
Machining Machining of the smallest to the largest, no job is too hard, small or difficult. Turning, milling, grinding, boring and slotting. Glyn Young 9455 9354
Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI Magnetic Particle Inspection for crack detection (NATA) Glyn Young 9455 9354
Maintenance Services On-site maintenance and maintenance management services for mechanical equipment Dik Hearn 9455 9734
Marine Driveshafts Repair, manufacture and Dynamic Balancing of all automotive, earthmoving, marine and truck driveshafts Gavin Reynolds 9455 9372
Marine Products Design and manufacture of propulsion systems including propellers, shafts, brackets, rudders, stocks, stern tubes and couplings Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Marine Propellers Design and manufacture of marine propellers, both standard product range and custom designs. Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Marine Refitting Complete overhaul of marine equipment systems including valve, propulsion, hydraulic, steam, air and all mechanical systems David Johnston 9455 9309
Mechanical Fitting From turn key refurbishment to installation of machinery both in house and on site Pumps, turbines, compressors, crushers, actuators, multi stage pumps, fans, blowers, gearboxes, mechanical seals, cooling towers, valves, ball mills and conveyor systems “Dik Hearn 9455 9374
David Johnston 9455 9309″
Mechanical Seals Overhaul and lapping of all mechanical seals Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Mechanical Surveys Verification of dimensions and conformance to required standards using a CMM and measuring equipment calibrated to Australian Standards Glyn Young 9455 9354
Metal Spraying Build up and hard facing using fusion metal spray process Glyn Young 9455 9354
Metallurgy Analysis of Co, Ni, stainless steel, steel, bronze and aluminium alloys. NATA certification of chemical analysis using an AES spectrometer. “Paul Wearne 9455 9375
Rohan Cann 9455 9316″
Metrology Measuring and calibration services available up to 1m in length. Referenced to Australian Standards. Includes thread and taper calibration For items up to 1m in length using a fully computerised Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) with statistical capability. Referenced to Australian Standards. Glyn Young 9455 9354
Milling Milling of the smallest to the largest, no job is too hard, small or difficult Milling up to 3750mm by 1500mm by 1500mm up to 25 tonnes in weight Glyn Young 9455 9354
Modelling Using 3D modelling facilities David Green 9455 9304
Moulds Mould machining using CNC machining Glyn Young 9455 9354
Multi Stage Pumps Overhaul, repair, component manufacture (including non ferrous impellers), Dynamic Balancing and testing of all types of multi-stage pumps Dik Hearn 9455 9374