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‘P’ Listing

P-Brackets Design and manufacture of marine P Brackets Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Paddle Fans Manufacture, repair, reblade, hard facing and Dynamic Balancing of all paddle fans up to 5 tonnes Martin Allen 9455 9371
Pattern Making In house pattern making facilities for castings Computer generated patterns available Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Penetrant Testing Fluro and colour contrast penetrant. Glyn Young 9455 9354
Pipe Flanges Manufacture, welding, alignment and installation of all types of flanges Richard Wallace 9455 9352
Pistons Balancing of all engine pistons Martin Allen 9455 9371
Pressure Testing Pressure testing of valves and all liquid vessels up to 40,000 kPa David Johnston 9455 309
Project Management Project management skills in the professional areas of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering and Naval Architecture to manage all company services offered Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Propeller Design Professional propeller design services available Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Propeller Nuts Manufacture and design of propeller nuts Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Propeller Shafting Machining and straightening of propeller shafting Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Propellers Manufacture and repair of all marine propellers up to 5 tonnes in weight Manufactured to all international classes including class S Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Propulsion Systems Design and manufacture of propulsion systems including propellers, shafts, brackets, rudders and couplings Bruce Mcrae 9455 9390
Pulleys Manufacture and repair of all types of pulleys up to 3.8m diameter Dynamic Balancing of pulleys up to 28 tonnes Glyn Young 9455 9354
Pumps Overhaul, repair, component manufacture (including non ferrous impellers), Dynamic Balancing and testing of all types of pumps Dik Hearn 9455 9374