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‘S’ Listing

Screw Cutting Screw cutting of trapezoidal, Acme, UN, Whitworth, BSP, NPT, AN Metric and tapered threads both internal and external Glyn Young 9455 9354
Screw Type Compressors Reconditioning and Dynamic Balancing of all types of screw compressors Martin Allen 9455 9371
Seals Overhaul and lapping of all types of mechanical seals Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Seats Build up, recutting and pressure testing of valve seats Glyn Young 9455 9354
Separators Overhaul of all types of separators, manufacture of spares and dynamic balancing of rotors Martin Allen 9455 9371
Shafting Machining of shafting up to 150mm diameter and 6m in length Machining of other shafts to 1.7m diameter and 4m in length Glyn Young 9455 9354
Shell Moulding For batch production of non ferrous castings Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Silicon Bronze Casting of Silicon Bronze up to 15 tonnes Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Site Work From turn key refurbishment to installation of machinery both in house and on site Pumps, turbines, compressors, crushers, actuators, multi stage pumps, fans, blowers, gearboxes, mechanical seals, cooling towers, valves, ball mills and conveyor systems Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Sleeves Manufacture of sleeves for wear components, shaft repair or locational applications. Centricast hollow bar or sand casting available in alloys as required. Paul Wearne 9455 9375
Slotting Slotting of all parallel and tapered keyways and splines Keyways and splines cut to 450 mm long Glyn Young 9455 9354
Sockets Casting and machining of crusher sockets up to 15 tonnes in weight Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Specialised Alloys Specialised alloys cast in hollow bar or sand cast. Paul Wearne 9455 9375
Spectro-analysis NATA chemical analysis of ferrous and non ferrous metals Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Spindles Repair and replacement of ends of dump truck spindles including splining Glyn Young 9455 9354
Splines Re-machining and recutting of splines internal and external up to 450 mm long Glyn Young 9455 9354
Stainless Steel Machining and Welding of all grades of Stainless Steel Manufacture of Stainless Steel propeller shafting Casting up to 1 tonne of Stainless Steel Glyn Young 9455 9354
Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Statistical Analysis Automatic statistical analysis of product dimensions using a programmable coordinate measuring machine Glyn Young 9455 9354
Steel Machining, welding, grinding and metal spraying of all grades of steel Glyn Young 9455 9354
Stellite Coating Stellite coating and hard facing for wear components. Glyn Young 9455 9354
Stellite Welding Stellite welding of small surfaces for valves and wear plates Glyn Young 9455 9354
Submersible Pumps Rebuild and repair of submersible pumps for mining, processing and dewatering applications. Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Surface Grinding Surface grinding sizes to 1540 mm x 510 mm x 470 mm Glyn Young 9455 9354