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‘T’ Listing

TIG Welding For Aluminium, Stainless steel and steels including Rod and Hot Wire TIG Filko Bavcevic 9455 9307
Tailshafts Repair, manufacture and Dynamic Balancing of all automotive, earthmoving, marine and truck tailshafts and PTO shafts Gavin Reynolds 9455 9372
Threads Machining and precision measuring of all types of threads Glyn Young 9455 9354
Threshers Repair and Dynamic Balancing of threshers up to 28 tonnes Martin Allen 9455 9371
Titanium Supply, machining and welding of Titanium Glyn Young 9455 9354
Toggle Pins Casting and machining of toggle pins up to 15 tonnes in weight Rohan Cann 9455 9367
Torque Converters Complete overhaul and Dynamic Balancing of all torque converters Martin Allen 9455 9371
Traction Motors Overhaul, repair and Dynamic Balancing of traction motor blowers Skimming of commutators and balancing of rotors Martin Allen 9455 9371 Glyn Young 9455 9354
Truck Drive Shafts Manufacture, repair and dynamic balancing of all truck drive shafts, Spicer, Rockwell, Twin Disc, GWB, Voith, Mechanics to suit all brands of trucks including all Japanese makes Gavin Reynolds 9455 9372
Tungsten Tungsten fusion metal spray for hard facing purposes Glyn Young 9455 9354
Tungsten Coating Tungsten coating of wear components. Glyn Young 9455 9354
Turbines Overhaul, re-blading, grinding and Dynamic Balancing of all gas and steam turbines to 28 tonne rotor mass. Filko Bavcevic 9455 9307
Turbo Compressors Overhaul, manufacture of spares and Dynamic Balancing of turbo compressors Dik Hearn 9455 9374
Turning Turning up to 2.3m diameter and 5m in length CNC turning up to 1.8m Glyn Young 9455 9354